About Bochika

Bochika was born from the culture of Colombia. From the family coffee farm deep in the Andes mountains the natural beauty and the soft nature of the people is easy to fall in love with. The land itself provides a wealth of fertile earth for cultivating not just commercial crops but, an array of options for self sustainability of fruits and vegetables. From this, the colors and passion for beauty, especially the indigenous communities, comes an array of beautiful cultural hand crafts. Combining the creativity of the indigenous with modern design and passion for quality, comes the beautiful and stunning products of Bochika. A meld of ancient design and high quality leather, something you can cherish and enjoy.

Our mission is to promote Colombian culture and support its people. We support traditional and modern Colombian artisans. People from Colombian are proud and hard working, optimistic and positive. We have been affected by permanent violence for decades, and still we dream and work for a better future. Through Colombian art we want to show a different face of Colombia, the face of our cultural diversity, work and creativity. We get our products as directly from the artisans as possible and we maintain a fair relationship with them. We look for unique products of excellent quality craftsmanship.

  • Morning Light

    Taking an early morning walk from the farm offers an amazing view over the Andes Mountains to the north.

  • The Day Begins

    Life on the farm starts early.

  • Life in the Mountains

    The silence is broken by the sounds of the birds and insects waking up to a new day.

  • Sunset in Vergara

    View of the
    Cordillera Oriental Mountains.

  • The Farm

  • The Color of Colombia

    If you love hot food, it doesn’t get any better than this! Picked straight off the bush, fresh and hot.